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Matching Clothing Size
With Vestofy

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Shopping clothing online?

Picking the size is an issue! Vestofy help you to match size for you.

Which size is suitable for you?

Your style is unique. Some shirts are slim and some are loose. Vestofy let express your style preferences while shopping online.

Different brands have different size!

Vestofy will match accuratly the size of your favorite clothes to brands size chart.


Accuracy matters! Vestofy focuses on measurement accuracy.
With a unique image processing algorithm
the precision is 98%.
Vestofy provides accurate results with any smartphone to build online store size chart and match size to consumer.


Just by taking a picture of your best-fitted clothing with a reference object on top you get the perfect size fit for your.


Start With Smart Size Chart, Now!

Decrease return rate

Focus on selling and not on returns.

Increase shoppers

By giving shoppers sizing confidence you improve the shopping experience.

Be unique

Provide your costumer’s technology that no one has.

Keep up

Don’t be left behind while your competitors moving forward.

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