Leave size&fit issues behind

Want to help your customers to match their size?

Discover your ideal size! With one time simple and accurate measurement.

Your clothing, your size

With Vestofy you can find your best size fit, The fact that your most fitted garment dimension is describe your best size !
Clothing Measurement

Measure your fit

Vestofy app allow you to measure your most fitted garment only with camera!
Our measuring algorithm include AI capabilities with 98% precision.
To get your best size match.

Shop & Wear

Your wardrobe will filed with clothes that actually fit you.

Body size is not clothes size

Your body size is not enough for for every clothing style. 

Size Fit
Be sustainable

Every item you return increase pollution.

Stop guessing size

Your time is worth more then dealing with size


Buy you size and help the environment

Support sustainability:
1. Your returned items contribute to air pollution on delivery.
2. Your returned items most likely to be thrown away.
mountain of clothing garbage